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When inspiration strikes!

I’m often asked where I get inspiration for my products from. Usually it’s either from fabric which demands to be made into a certain something or the need to have something that I just can’t buy.

This week I was inspired to make something new. I’ve just started yoga classes so I treated myself to a new mat. Lovely and purple. It came with two loops of elastic and a strap to carry it with. Well, the fun and games I had with it slip sliding everywhere. I tried it in the bag which came with my old yoga mat, which was fine but it is dull dull black. 🙁

I want to feel more vibrant going to yoga and much less dull. A ha! I’ll make my own mat bag. Ooh time to rummage in the fabric stash! I finally settled on a fabric in smudgy stripes of vibrant pink. Grabbed my old mat bag and started to take measurements. When I’m making a large pattern I use some of the paper which came with the wardrobes when we moved house, so I got that out too. pattern making on pink stripy fabric when inspiration trikes

Hmm.. I had the fabric, the measurements, but couldn’t decide on a closure. I don’t have any of those springy toggle things and I had to keep going whilst inspiration took hold of me. A drawstring without togglespringy thing it is then!

Why not make it even more useful? Rather than having to take two bags to the gym, the brand new mat bag could have a pocket for my phone, keys and purse. Brilliant! Ok off to the Bag Making Bible I go to decide on which kind of pocket to make. That’s it, the darted corner pocket with a flap fastened by…velcro!

One sewing machine, one overlocker, one ironing board, an iron and 3 coffees later – ta dah! And that is what happens when inspiration comes along – I just have to go with it. pink stripy yoga mat bag  inspiration



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