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You are great! You have your own personal style and wouldn’t dream of dressing the same as everyone else. So why shouldn’t it be the same for your bags?

It doesn’t have to be that way. With a handmade bag from Meadow Stitch you can select a bag that reflects your personal style in the assurance that no one else will have the same.

I am Clare Hassett, the owner of Meadow Stitch and I believe that your bag is an extension of your style and personality and needs to reflect you.

I design and sew bags and make accessories so your personality can shine. In my shop you will find bags for your everyday, whether you need a bag for the beach, a tote for shopping, or a small bag for lunch on the go. As a busy mum I know that life can get messy and so I endeavour to make practical bags which can be washed. I also know how hard it is to find nice but ‘cool’ bags for boys and girls, which don’t merely follow the latest TV character, so you’ll find some in my For Kids shop.

A little more about me..

I love fabric, colour, yarn, creating, countryside, cats, chocolate and cake.

I am a work at home mum to two boys who keep me on my toes, and teach me what I didn’t know I didn’t know!

I first picked up a sewing needle at the age of 8 and started off with cross stitch that my friend’s mum showed me. Gran showed me how to crochet a chain, and at some point Mum tried to teach me to knit.

It wasn’t until I had babies of my own, (and going out of an evening wasn’t an option 😉 ), that I returned to needles and yarn. When I couldn’t knit fast enough to keep up with these growing babies I decided to investigate machine sewing. My husband bought me a sewing machine and 9 months, a redundancy and 2 house moves later I got the machine out of the box!

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Where everything is as unique as you

All our products are made by hand with unique combinations and styles.
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