Tote bags

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  • owl bag owl bag
    A little owl bag that owl fans will love. Made from washable cotton and sized for little people. What's not to love?
  • Rocket kids bag
    Let their imaginations take off with a cool rocket kids bag. Just the right size for little hands. Just big enough to carry a few toys to take to Grandad's. Simply fold away into your pocket or handbag when not in use. Placement of rocket may vary and the rocket may change direction!  
  • robot bag
    Fed up of finding cars in your handbag or lego men in your pocket? Let your child carry their own toys in a mini tote. Pop their favourite toys in next time they go to Grandma's. They get to carry their toys and you don't bring a car out of your bag instead of a pen! Washable cotton. As the item is handmade, the pattern placement of the robots may vary from one bag to the next.
  • lion bag blue lion blue book bag
    Roarr! You can almost hear the call of the jungle... A fun friendly lion on the front of this blue book bag will keep unwanted hands aways from your books! Children will love filling this bag with books and taking it with them to the library, school, Gran's... Perfect for animal lovers.
  • red car kids bag Red car kids bag
    Your little one will enjoy carrying their own cars in this mini tote, leaving your hands free to hold theirs.   Reusable and washable. A gift that will last all year (and then some!) Due to the handmade nature of this item, pattern placement and car direction may vary.
  • red star little bag
    A little bag for little hands. Children will be delighted to carry their small toys in this little bag. You will find fewer toys in your pocket or handbag too!
  • girls bag butterfly girls bag
    A sweet little girls bag to carry their toys in. In candy pink stripes with a hand sewn butterfly on the front. You can fold this bag for girls away into your pocket or bag when not in use. Perfect for taking a small selection of toys to Grandma's. Made from washable cotton.
  • pink fairy book bag pink fairy book bag
    Do you believe in fairies? One fairy in a party hat and another flying with her magic wand ready to spread their magic.  
  • monkey bag book bag monkey bag
    A monkey bag for your little monkey. Do you know someone who's a little monkey? Let them express their character with this cheeky monkey book bag. Sized to be suitable for children from toddlers to grownups! Handmade from hard wearing cotton fabric - it's washable too! Pattern placement may vary from item shown.
  • red lion bag red lion book bag
    A friendly lion bag your children will love. Use it for school, going to the library, taking books and toys out and about. Your child will love carrying this lion bag around. Keeping your hands free for holding theirs.
  • butterfly mini tote Butterfly mini tote
    Keep your pockets and bag free from toys, sweets and all the other things your children insist on taking out with them. Let them carry it themselves in a children's bag that's sized just for them. Reusable and washable.
  • cars bag transport bag blue transport bag
    Is your child mad about anything on wheels? Here's a little bag they can carry their favourite cars, trucks, trains and planes in.   Reusable and washable. Due to the handmade nature of this item, pattern placement may vary.