A day in the making…

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A day in the making…

So today I decided it would be a making day – hoorah!

I’d recently bought this fab fabric and needed to stock up on kids book bags. I got out my pattern piece and chalk and set to work. Well after lots of hmmmm and aahhh-ing. Pattern placement isn’t always that easy.Making a bag

First of all, you want the end result to show off the fabric pattern. When the features of the pattern all join up nicely with each other that’s great for a sheet or curtain but not so great for a smaller rectangle. In this case I had to decide which of my jungle animals to feature and which ones will just have their bum or tail showing (oo-er!).

The second thing (or first thing depending on the fabric pattern) is to make best use of the fabric. There’s not much point in cutting out your pattern piece from the centre of the fabric if you render the rest unusable for anything. So, once I’d decided which were going to be my feature animals I had to jiggle about with the pattern placement to get all the pieces I needed. Monkeys and lions really stood out for me today.

Brilliant! Now for the cutting, ironing, overlocking, sewing, ironing, sewing, cutting and sewing again.


As this bag is not going to have a lining I have used an overlock stitch on the raw edges to prevent the fabric from fraying and to present a neat finish.

I’m not a big fan of ironing but, when it comes to making bags, ironing is a must. The fabric is ironed before it is sewn (it is easier to get creases out before sewing and it also means that you don’t sew over creases, inadvertently making pleats as you sew), the hem at the top of the bag is pressed before being sewn down (this makes for a nice crisp top edge and holds the hem down whilst you sew it, reducing the need for pins), and the fabric handles are also pressed before sewing.


lion blue book bagmonkey bagTa dah! Here are the two bags I made. They are now available to buy.


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