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For the love of learning

I have recently been learning different crafts. I experimented with making nuno felt. I tried spinning silk (much harder than it looks) but my favourite had to be broomstick crochet.

learning nuno felting silk spinning broomstick crochet

For broomstick crochet, there comes a moment when, once you have made a row of loops around a huuuge knitting needle, you have to slide them all off and hold your breath that they stay there so you can work back into them. That scary, hold-your-breath moment and hope that something works. Sometimes that is what it’s like to create new products or cut into gorgeous fabric. And it is such an amazing feeling when it does work and customers love it.

There has been learning too over at Southport Community Centre, where I was asked to do a guest spot showing the Arts and Crafts group how to crochet. One lady had dreaded the thought of doing crochet. She had had a previous attempt but ended up wrapped in yarn. But this day she came along with an open mind, I set her at ease and by the end she was making fantastic progress.

Learning Crochet with Clare @ Meadow StitchWorking on Meadow Stitch has had plenty of hold-your-breath moments over the past two years. I am always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and provide products that you love. I really want to know what you like or don’t like about my products, website, workshops. Have your say in the comments below….

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