Summer’s coming but are you September ready?

Sports trips...summer fair. All signs that summer, and the end of school year are coming. Teachers are getting ready to let their hair down(!) and September seems so far away. At the end of July, September with its uniforms, PE kits and book bags seem so far away. Then August comes and goes in [...]

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When inspiration strikes!

I'm often asked where I get inspiration for my products from. Usually it's either from fabric which demands to be made into a certain something or the need to have something that I just can't buy. This week I was inspired to make something new. I've just started yoga classes so I treated myself to [...]

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Playing favourites – my favourite kids bag

I was asked recently which is my favourite kids bag. I've got to say that at the moment I love the Best of friends mini bag. I was attracted to the fabric for its vibrant colours and use of sparkle. I love that the fabric depicts real life girls – not just your girly girls [...]

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School’s out – PE kit comes home?

It's the end of term and that time of year when everything comes home from school. Artwork, models, pencil cases, books you thought were lost and someone else's PE kit, with no pumps. Hang on... wait a minute. How do you end up with someone else's PE kit? Or in my son's case no kit [...]

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Choosing fabrics

Choosing fabrics I love choosing fabrics - from colourful, cheery prints to sophisticated and smooth to the touch. Going to the fabric shop or market is a very pleasurable way to spend the day - deciding between them is the hardest part. Fun characters and versatile patterns always work well. Meadow Stitch bags are made [...]

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For the love of learning

I have recently been learning different crafts. I experimented with making nuno felt. I tried spinning silk (much harder than it looks) but my favourite had to be broomstick crochet. For broomstick crochet, there comes a moment when, once you have made a row of loops around a huuuge knitting needle, you have to slide [...]

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A day in the making…

So today I decided it would be a making day - hoorah! I'd recently bought this fab fabric and needed to stock up on kids book bags. I got out my pattern piece and chalk and set to work. Well after lots of hmmmm and aahhh-ing. Pattern placement isn't always that easy. First of all, [...]

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Learning to use a sewing machine

A lot of people decide to try new hobbies after a break from work, especially at New Year. I must admit I'm no different. I'm back in my sewing /work room all refreshed from the break and looking forward to trying some new patterns, techniques and materials. I still remember the year I was given [...]

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Hidden handmade

You love handmade. But where can you find local handmade businesses to buy from? Not all artisan businesses have a high street presence. I'd like to bring to you handmade businesses hidden on your doorstep.  They offer unique gifts while supporting your community. Here are some hidden gems I've found around Sefton, Merseyside. Zanacrafts create [...]

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